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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy or Sad Valentine???!!

HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL!!!! Though I'm single now.... But I still got my daughter to cheer up my days! Heee... She's so adorable. When ever I feel wanna cry, her sweet little cute notty face can wash away all those pain. Amazing.. how a little girl can do it so well. Ermm... talking bout AMAZING, it's all God's will. Anyway, I'm happy.. happy with my daughter, my life and my "DREAMS". Heee..

Yesterday, I watched this Hindustan movie that make me cried for almost 3 hours! --> UMROU JAAN<-- Aishwariya Rai as Amiran / Umrou Jaan. This movie is about a little girl named Amiran, she's abducted and sold to brothel. Since then she's called Umrou Jaan. 
Then, she grow up as a dancer. Met a Sultan.. Young and handsome one. Heee.. They falling in love but cos of her "TITLE"... Everything fall apart. 
Then, she went back to her home town where she's born. Sad.. Cos she didn't get the chance to met her father. He died after he heard about Amiran (Umrou). But she manage to meet her mother and her brother. Once again.. She thought that she can END the dark side of her, none of her hopes goes her way. Her only family insulted her as she's a very "famous" prostitute. Well, they never know the true story. Anyway, they seem refuse to know the truth. Truth hurts!! She was only a little girl when she got abducted! She didn't simply slept with any guys. The only guy she ever slept with is Sultan Nawab the love of her life.. and she had been raped several time. Cruel isn't it?? Everybody cursing her because of her "TITLE"... Yet she still can move on with her life and her "TITLE" remain forever. 

This story telling us how important for us to prepare a defence wall for ourself. Sometime, we can't just rely on others (even our love one), some of them only can defend half way... maybe 1 in the million can stand till end. Just let people say what they wanna say, God know everything. Humans don't deserve to do the punishment. 

We all just the same, looking for something or somebody who can bring us happiness. But in the same time, try to make yourself happy. Life's not that cruel.. We created our own life, we ourself made all the decisions so nothing to hesitate and don't blame life. Try to make believe that there's always a good thing will happen. My darl told me so. Be happy always.. that's the only way you can find the ray of life. 

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