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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!

Ok... This is for -->my frens.. tiger and pooh.. we always there for each other! *sempat berlagu la plak...* To my family --> mummy, sis and also mama (udak). My friends... Thanks for helping me to find my way and finally come out with a decision... hehehe.. took forever to make one. 

I choose to stand where I am now and keep on moving without a turning back and no regret! Am I happy wif my life now? I don't have an exact answer for that. This is my philosophy, once I've make a decision.. so prepare to live with it. Now I'm at d starting point... Which I didn't realize I've wasted so much time standing here without doing nothing!!! Now.. I'm ready to go. 
>>Every Decision Comes With Consequences<< So I'm ready to face what ever in front of me. 

To ila, bye. Tinggal la kitak sorang2 d Bintulu k? hahaha.. Where I'm going? hehehe.. Heading to the future of cos... hehehe, but not now! Sempat kamek nangga baby Mai membesar sbg Johan! 
Ingat sik apa yang kta chat mlm td? haaa.... hehehe.. hahahaha... aih.. tetak indah tek. Well, kmk rasa it's time to try something "NEW". New year tek nak? hehehehe... 
What if it's only a hope that never come true? Sometime hopes make us happy. Sometime it come wif pain. My fren, Mr. retarded heart told me that "pain" make us feel alive. I'll be fine, Min kan ada? So if I wait forever but he still don't show up then that's the risk I have to live with. At least I got a target.. It's hard to make a move when you don't know where to go. But I'm not expecting anything from him, kalau jadi... jadi la. Tinggal la ktk sorang2 d bintulu k? Kan dah ada baby Mai? hehehe.. Mesti sik sunyi walaupun sikda kmk klak. *Mcm benar2 jak bunyi nak pergi jauh* hahaha.. Amin jak la. Kata2 kan satu DOA?! haaa... Banyak2 la berkata tentang perkara yang baik! Cakap la.. baby Mai cute.. baby Mai gud gurl.. mesti nya bait klak. Jangan mcm Min! Ehhh.. Min baiiiiiit apaaa.... hahahaha *cover line*... if this just a dream, then I'll make it the sweetest one. If it never come true, then I'll make it the unforgotten. Boh cakap kmk ANGAU.. bukan Angau la!! Bangau tok! 

To erm.. Mr retarded heart, Thx a lotttttssssssssssssss for your "motivation course". I will keep everything in mind *thx cos its free.... K will be just fine with or without me. He's a very very da bz men as you know. Hhmmm... so if kmk sikda pun sikpa laa kali?! kali..? huh~ sik kan mati K ya. Sik lalu makan? eeiiiihhh sik mungkin... K sentiasa busy, free time pun tlalu lalu laa limited! K ada free time ka? Rasanya free time nya = time tido nya laa kan? Heee.. When its come to K, all I do is GRUMBLE... GRUMBLE...and GRUMBLE! Waaahhh.. baru la kmk perasan. Mesti K tension giler!! ahahahaha... dari dolok nya jak jd mangsa buli. huhuhu.. 

Okay, Conclusion! ____________ here I come!!! hahahaha.. Fill in the blank with your own word. Dah sebulan berlalu.. and its FEBRUARY 2010!!! Waaaa... I just noticed that I haven't set any resolution for this year! hahahaha... as if I've done it before. Not even once.. *patut la kmk suka main terjun jak.. terjunan arjuna* So how bout this year? Hee... apa best owh? 

1. Kurangkan menangis!!! 
2. Elakkan dari perkara2 yang akan mendatangkan tangisan!! 
3. Bina benteng kat kelopak bawah mata, So air mata tak dapat mengalir!!

heheheehe... Maksudnya, "STAY ON THE SIDE WALK, PLAY ON THE SAFE SIDE" so Min won't get hurt...  hehehe.. btol la. Budak2 mesti la kuat main!! Mok lebih berjaga2. ME?! Time will heal... dah besar panjang. Sik kan luka sikit pun nak nangis. Tahan jak laa... 
So.. is this the best for me? What ever it is.. right or wrong, let it be. Learn Not Run from the mistake. 
Berkarat la aku pastok!!!! ahaaha.. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZ... Nite, Sweet Dream!

*To ♥ is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

4 Secreto D Amore:

i L a said...

huhuhu..ktk mok g cney???huhuhu..
mcm mana sedih pun kmk mun ktk tinggalkan bintulu, i still pray the best for u and min..

LayDee N said...

not going any where.. still here some where on earth. Settle everything with wie then i'm going to kuching. alaaa.. cuti or hujung minggu kmk boleh dtg round2 agak ktk. hehehe.. cakap senang. thats the plan for now tp nangga laa... kmk standby for interview SESCO juak tok. wish me luck!!

i L a said...

(kmk baruk berangan kita g beach mbak min & mai)

LayDee N said...

hehehe.. we will! but not tanjung batu.. pleaseee laaaa..... at least pantai ABF kaa.. ok la ckit. hehehehe... oowwwhh... SIMALAJAU!! yes.. target cya. kta check in cya trus..

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