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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear diary,

Today, i woke up with tears in my eyes. I was crying in my dream... Maybe. I still can remember my dream clearly til now. The way he hold me in his arm and said ''don't forgive me... And promise don't forget me either. Live by yourself, so you won't get hurt anymore..''
Darl, i'd been in lot of pain but there were nothing compare to this 1...
I try to make myself busy so i can spend all of my time doing something... Yet, i can't find a way to get rid of you just for a second in my life. I think of you all the time, i talk bout you without noticing that we are away from our relationship for quite sometime, even worst.. I saw you in every body around me.
The more I try to run from the pain, the closer it become. I wish i have a feeling like you, darl. Like a vending machine, just push the button that you want, then come out what you want.

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