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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to understand a women?

Hye.. Why its always an issue when come to this topic? What make it so hard to understand a women? Hmmm.. I'm having the same problem to understand my own species myself, what make u guys think u can?
Even if there's a book about this, they will name it "NEVER ENDING STORY". Got what I mean?
Well, the word "understanding" itself is already hard for some people to REALLY UNDERSTAND... See? How many "understand" in this entry? Now im confused!!
What i'm trying to say is, understand have to come with empathy. Doesnt matter whether men or women, just show some empathy.. U'll get along as the time goes.

***When people are in conflict, one person will interrupt the other and say "you need to understand that..." By saying "you need to understand" doesnt show empathy. Instead its usually a form of INVALIDATION!***

Laydee_N : if there's really a book about women, i dont think we can understand. Just another INVALIDATION in the world. ;p
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Love Day 2012!!!

Hey... happy 2012 guys...
guys only ka??
Ladies and gentlemen...
I give you my 2012 looks

  From this
Lost few KGs in 2 weeks...

Can't remember when is my last post...
Miss me??

Hows ur Valentine Day??
Mine.. Nothing significant.
No date even I have a boyfriend
More like dunno dun care...
 What happen to me??
Still wondering...
Am I still have the have the human feeling?
Now I understand how love can hurt somebody so much...
Got everything damaged!!
and the last thing u feel is

I find it stupid to try to love somebody else..
when I can't forget someone I still love..
and still deeply in love with H.I.M
I used to advise my frens to let go something that doesn't want to stay..
Now... it comes to me.
hunting me down...
Like I am so down right now!!

What I'm doing now??
Just effing my life, I guess
I'm a single mom, trying to make things better for my lil' princess
A single lady, enjoying my life.

Work hard.. earn a lot of money.. and go to UK..
Stay with H.I.M spend the rest of my life
** ok thats just a crazy tot.. when I'm cracked!!**

What with this

 hahahha... guys, beware!!!
She'll HUNT u and KILL u!!

Laydee_N  :  Single doesn't mean they are available.... 

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