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Friday, February 26, 2010

LOVE need NO reason

Ask yourself...
Why you love somebody?

He / She ---> handsome / cute / pretty / beautiful / sexy and so on.. so on..
Heee.. Biasa la.. Memang rata2 tengok rupa paras dulu. Hahahaha.. No komen!

What if...
Semua tu ditarik balik?
Apa2 boleh jadi... so how?
Do you still LOVE him / her?

If you LOVE him / her..
Bcos of ---> good /  understanding / loving / caring and what so ever..

People can change...
Hmmm... Susahkan??

When you love somebody.. 
Try to ask yourself "why"..

Do we really need a reason??

Kita tidak perlukan SEBAB untuk bercinta..
Yang penting..

NAWAITU kene betul!!

Laydee_N : True LOVE is when you can't find A REASON to love them. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Love : Today? I'm not in the mood to talk bout it. Seem like nobody really care. 
Career : Huh...~ Who dare to take the "credit"??? Be my guest..
Health : Yeah... feeling well now.
Wealth : What Bonus?? ttcchhh... stingy boss!!eeeiiii...

From first word till " least tell them how you really feel" ---> I can understand perfectly. But, after that..???????????????? ahahha.. What ever.

What rainbow?? Arrr... can this D. Parton just make it straight to d point? Haaiiissshh... 

I lost My NUFFY!!!!!!

What happen to all my nuffy?!!!
I can't see any of my nuff.. 
I went to all my friends blog...
I didn't found their nuff either!!!!


Anybody??? Help ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before and after

Before I posted my last entry..

I never give much thought on how things would turn out if none of this ever happen to my family. I just thought that life could have been better without it. 

After posted the entry..

Everything rushed to my head.. once again, I cried. Thought, this year wanna wipe it off. But... I love to cry. Hahaha.. no joke. Serious, I can cry for the whole day none stop till fall asleep. Then wake up... feel better? Hahahha.. Sometime. But most of the time, continued to cry. It's like a habit.. I guess. When ever I'm alone, I'll start thinking... *sorry, can't help it.* Thinking bout the passed, today, tomorrow and days after. Wow... That much?? Hahahha.. 

This is the flash back....

Before daddy's second marriage

I can say he's the best daddy in da world.. But as we know, no body is perfect. And perfection is the ugliest thing in da world.---> I don't remember where I get that. 
He's a very "busy" man, busy with his job, biznezzz, "friendzzz"--> don't ask. He spend less time at home... I remembered there's a time he only spend an hour at home then disappeared for almost a month. Logging biznezz.. that's all I know. More than that, I don't dare to guess.. So with this kind of life... of cos a teenager would think of "enjoy"!!!! No PARENTAL CONTROL!! But I'm still stuck with a brother. :p 
Haiiiyaa.. He's really a pain for me when it come to the "dating" part! hahha.. My frenz called him "POLICEMAN".  I'm not allowed to date.. no LEPAK, no calls for me!! Waahhh.... what a life. But.. doesn't mean I just sit n do nothing. hahahha.. I am an insanely crazy notty girl.---> Long story.. *that's explain baby min behaviour.. urrhh..*
Ok.. that was the story of my "2nd Dad"..
Back to my daddy, yes he's busy but he still can manage his time for me sometime. *sometime it makes smile when I think of it*. FYI, I'm not the best student among the student... but I'm the best among my siblings. So my dad want me to keep my head 100% on my study!! Crazy!! hahah.. sory.. sory.. I know why he did that but its still nonsense! I was an athlete as well.. I love sport. Join taekwando--> but only for few weeks. Daddy gt mad. Then Silat. He never knew bout that.. Lucky me. But good thing is he allowed me to join the annual sports for school ONLY not more than that. :( sigh... 
Form 4 I got into a technical school.. but not in Bintulu. KUCHING!!! So can you imagine how happy I was? hahaha... super duper excited! But... guess what. Once again, My dad said  "NO". waaaaaaaaa.... 
So this is what I did........ heheh. Protest for 3 days... didn't wanna to see him but still sleep with him. ---> hahahha.. Form 4?? still sleep in the same room with daddy?? Correction.. Same bed! He's my daddy what.. so?? My younger sister did the same thing too.. So what I'm trying to say is my dad is a loving dad!! ---> he's the reason I'm too MANJA! not my fault.. hehehe.. Cut short, he was just joking. tttcchh.. Really wasting my time, I didn't gt a proper meal for that 3 days just bcos avoiding to see his face! Then he came out with "daddy just joking only laaa..". Hmm.. I think he's not joking. He really didn't want me to go.. Cos I'm the only one closed to him.... I cooked for him, iron his clothes, accompany him--> jogging, play badminton, to logging camp, to office, shopping, even to a date!!! I treated him like a friend. We share almost everything.. accept for my BF and those UNWANTED activities. Now that I'm a mom, I understand how he feel. I can feel he's missing me so much. 
He stayed in Kuching for 2 weeks cos I gt a very serious HOME SICK due to the stupid ragging activities. hahahha.. Silly me. Really stupid.. I mean the seniors!! Just bcos I'm Cute.. ragging me for what? :p
My "home sick" for that two years was... err.. unexplainable. The sickness only came when its about to HOLIDAYS!!! 
Raya Haji 2000.. My dad said "this coming holidays.. no need to came back Bintulu, ok?"--> cos only 1 week. I thought it was a joke. So till the last day.. I called him to ask whether he booked any ticket for me.. No.. No ticket! >=(  grrrr... I was so angry and sad. hehehe.. As usual, I cried. My uncle came to fetch me. So I stay at his place.. As I said, I can cry for the whole day. No lunch.. No dinner.. Not even out from the room. The next day... haaaaaaaaaa... can you guess what happen? Woke up.. walked to the door.. the 3rd steps, fainted! kihkihkih.. Then the 2nd I woke up... I saw my DAD!!! You know what.. All those fever automatically fade away. Hahaha.. But.. sad.. My dad only stay for 1 night.. Next day, while he's packing his stuff... The fever came to the rescue!! ahahha.... So my dad stay back till end of the holiday. Yeay!! hahaha.. 
But.. people changed..........................................

After the married..

I don't really know him anymore... 

Hhhmm.. last time, I can survive without friends cos I got my dad... But then, everything different. Why it have to be this way? But I'm glad to be me... for some reason. :) 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To My be-Loved Brother

This is life.. A life that I tried to hide from you before daddy and abang took you away from us *especially Mummy*... We always love you. It's never a "NO" for that. So please, hope you will understand... Mummy went through a lot of inextinguishable pains. She have choose her own way to move on and yet she never neglected us. 
Did you ever noticed the tears in eyes every  time I'm staring at you? No, you were just a little boy, but I talked to you as if you can see what I'm seeing. 

" Yeen, apa pun jadi... JANGAN SESEKALI PILIH DADDY!! Kakak sik mok kau merasa apa yang kmk orang dah rasa. Faham ka? Ingat cakap kakak tok.. Once kau dah pilih daddy.. kau sik akan dapat jumpa mummy!! percaya kata kakak... ok?? Faham kau ka?"

I keep on repeat the same stupid question "faham ka?" even I knew that you don't even understand a  #@$%ing thing what I'm trying to tell you. Did we ever blame you for that?? NO... WE NEVER DID!! We all made the same mistake. I know how exactly you feel.. so don't you go and talk back to me as if I'm living in a "WONDERFUL WORLD". 
Me and kakak Onie still fighting for a better life... A BETTER LIFE FOR WHO? FOR YOU.. YEEN. If only I have the "wishing dust" *the one in -13 going on 30- movie*... I rather give it to you. Cross my heart... I really mean it. You need it more than I do cos I will survive any way.. any how. I never give up on you.. I'm still trying, just that I need you to hold on to something else 1st while I'm mending my life.

Bout Mummy, keep in your mind... She is always our mother. A mother never forget her children. So forgive her if she can't always be there for you. 
Trust me.. there is always a hope.  We all cried and revolt bout the same thing... That make us equal. Be happy.. just put a smile and walk. You'll find the light. 
Set a target for your life and go for it without a doubt. We always here for you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dah satu... Satu..

Dah satu.. satu.. apsal tak dua? :p My entries lately macam asyik cerita pasal demam jer.. Naper ek? Musim demam ker? Day after I got ulser, I got flu. Haa flu... flu dari sapa? Dari K la.. Hahahah.. K jauh. Takkan jangkit flu tru d fon??!! huh~ Naaa... tu saje2 jer. Malam tu memang susah nak tdo. Flu kali ni semacam jer. Semacam ker... ke disebabkan penat terjaga tengah malam (Min merengek)... Min kalau sihat, tengah malam memang tak susah jaga. Just bangun sekali jer buat susu. 

Berbalik dgn kisah malam seribu bintang.. Malam tu, saya terbangun dengan terkejut then kepala ttba pening and sakit.. Hmmm.. For those who ever experienced this situation, so saya rasa korang tau2 la kan rasa pening tu macam mana. Then pagi semalam bangun dengan kepala masih sakit. Then.. sistem pendengaran pun semacam jer terganggu. So saya g la cari ubat flu.. then trus telan ubat dengan perut kosong. Actually, memang terfikir gak nak makan something sebelum telan ubat. Tapi, memandangkan flu yang agak teruk telah menyebabkan kerosakan pada sistem pemprosesan data... so saya pun malas nak pikir. Sebenarnya malas!! :p hahaha.. Standby la kene bebel pas ni. 

Then... after half an hour took d pill, NGANTOK!! Uishh.. cepat gak effect ni. I try to do something ->sapu umah, kemas dapur.. then kemas bilik. Huhuhu.. part kemas bilik, memang tak leh tahan. Poop Lentok terus. Terbangun around 2pm!! Waaaa... My min???!!! Nasib la dia x banyak karenah.. my cuzen jaga and main dengan dia. Sepanjang saya tdo.. memang taksedar langsung apa dah jadi. Kalau gempa bumi.. pun saya tak tau. Dah bangun pun rasa macam tak larat plak nak bergerak. Rasa macam half paralysed... Lemah sesangat. Maybe tu la effectnya makan ubat dengan perut kosong. But I try to wake up... Take my bath, lunch then continue house cleaning.. Dengan kepala masih pening2 lalat lagi tu.. Just tak nak layan sangat rasa ngantok. Sebenarnya takut... hahaha.. Takut tetiba jer bangun... buka mata, terkejut baring kat katil hospital lak. :p 

Ok.. Cut it off! Today.. I feel better. Only for d flu jer laa.. Coughing2 jer lagi ni. Huh~ Pasni sakit apa lagi? 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Help ME!!!!!!

Pacifier.. Pacifier.. Pacifier.. Pacifier.. Pacifier.. Pacifier.. Pacifier.. 

Baby Min dah addicted to her pacifier a.k.a Pepet!! Uuurrrrhhh... Menyesal betol laa bagi dia pepet dulu. But what to do.. dah masa Min baby dulu nangis lepas habis menyusu. Takkan nak bagi dia hisap botol kosong sampai tdo??? Kembung masuk angin satu hal lagi.. Huhuhu.. Uuuwaaaa... Now Min dah tak leh takde pepet! Gigi depan dia dah semacam jer Jongang!! uuuWaaaaaaa... muka cute.. gigi?!! Adowhh.. Tak leh jadi ni... huhuhu... 

Antara percubaan2 gagal saya...

  1. Gunting puting pepet!!! Ikut "petua" si Shiela. *will upload the pic if I found the pepet. Min dah bagi buang ntah mana ntah.. Pastu si budak kecik ni, tau2 lak dia ada byk pepet. Macam biasa la.. mengamuk nangis minta d other pepet. eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiii.... geram nya saya!! Nangis tu jer nak kalahkan orang.
  2. Sapu minyak angin.. tttcccch ~huh~ Kebal punya budak kecik. Boleh lagi buat muka selamber hisap pepet tu.
  3. Sumbat bagi makan 24/7 tiap kali Min nangis cari pepet. Haaiiisshhh.. memang kuasa medan magnet pepet juga yang kuat! Even dah kenyang pun n mata Min ngantok kuyu macam Garfield sekali pun.. memang dia cari pepet gak. 
Sakit otak..

Pagi tadi... nasib baik la telinga saya ni dah bertebat dengan tudung. Tengah kemaskan barang Min untuk dihantar ke rumah babysitter.. Min nangis2 cari pepet. Ahhh.. lantak la nak nangis. *Dalam hati kesian lak.. Dah la Min ni pandai buat2 nangis ala2 minta kesian gitu. Huhuuh.. Makin la nak cair hati ni bagi pepet. Dengan tangan nya tarik2 tangan saya suruh saya cari pepet.. 

"Mama... Mama.. Pipi (pepet)"
Sambil sedaya upaya mengerah air mata yang memang tak nak kuar pun.. 

eiiii.. sayang saya tak ambik gambar muka Min time tu. Ahahahhaa.. Lama gak Min mengamok. AAaaa... telinga dah kebas dah, so tak kisah sangat Min nangis. Huhuhu.. Lagipun.. Min nangis, best. Selalu kalau kita dengar budak2 nangis boleh tension. Tapi Min nangis.. ahahaha.. macam Min tengah buat lawak lak. ahahaha...
Seriously, saya pun tak tau naper. Even orang lain pun suka sangat tengok Min nangis. Kalau sehari Min tak nangis or mengamok... memang tak sah. Mesti dipaksa nangis gak.. Apa nie? Melelat crita Min nangis lak..

Ok, berbalik ke topik pepet. haaa... hmm.. Actually, takde apa dah nak tulis ni. :) heee.. 
The truth is I just don't want Min to have the pepet because she got another pepet at babysitter place. Hehehe.. Kalau bagi nanti tak nak bagi lepas. Pastu bawa sekali gi umah babysitter.. Kan jadi 2 biji kat sana. Pastu ilang.. dia gak yang mengamok. Me don't wanna buy anymore. Mahal tu.. kalau gumpul semua... Boleh beli keropok. Makan lagi best.. Haiiissshhh...

Moral of the day... Bagi sapa2 yang baru nak ON THE WAY nak sumbat baby dengan pepet...

Laydee_N : Sheila... jgn terasa. ahahahha... sikpa. Baby Mai masih boleh dicontrol..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Well SOON!!

Baby Min masih demam "On Off"

So pathetic kalau 3 3 dok serumah, semua demam. Sapa jaga sapa? hehehe. Sakit rindu kot... hahaha. Mana gastric ada kaitan dgn rindu2?! haacheh.. Gara-gara tak  lunch.. naper tak lunch? Cos.. too sleepy so lazy... Y sleepy? Cos.. Not enough sleep laa.. Y like that? Cos.. stay up d whole night ON LINE jaga Baby Min demam. Ok enough. Heee.. No need to know d truth. Nanti ada jer kena BEBEL.

Hmm.. Today, ok dah. Awal pagi standby minum susu. Orang cakap, gastric minum susu cepat baik. (apa2 susu la yang ada di PASARAN!!) Ready to go to work.. Chiayok! hehehe.. Tapi turun nya pukul 9AM dari rumah. Hahahaha.. Takpe.. Boss takde. *Macam la time boss ada saya turun awal.. sama jer. kkdg kol 10AM* Then balik ikut sesedap hati jer. Sometime, lunch time tu la balik trus. kihkih..

Wish you both get well SOON!! Just Like ME..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a life.. part 2

Baby Min masih demam... tapi on off. Sejak demam ni, dia melampau lak manja. Duduk tengok TV pun nak diteman. Tidur.... Biasa, kalau dipeluk rimas. Time demam2 ni, nak plak minta peluk. Tapi.... kalau dia dah tdo, saya tak leh bergerak. Gerak ckit Min nangis. Huhuhu... Lenguh tangan jadi bantal. 2 jam Min tdo.. 2 jam la jadi patung bernyawa. Banyak lagi laa karenah Min yang pelik2.. tapi seronok tengok.

So semalam, temankan Min tdo. Saya skali la yang tdo... *saya tdo dulu dari Min* huhuhu.. cos semalam2 tak tdo. hahahha... On9 nyer pasal. 

~ 6.45PM ~

Aiyakk... Confirm tak tdo malam lagi!!!! 


~ 7.41aM ~

nOw... Its Wednesday!!! Uuuurrrgghh... Keje laa.. Tak pe... Tido kat Ofis!! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fuuhhhh.. Saved by Min!

As you know today is Valentine day... So me myself don't have anything in mind for today occasion. But, hehe.. But as a HOT widow MAMA, I also received a Valentine date invitation Hahahaha.. Joking. He's just a friend! Seriously, he's my senior when I was Form 1. He asked me out for dinner only.. Aiya! Valentine just a coincident only laa... 

So after done with my previous post this afternoon, I took my bath while Min having her nap. Cos he told me that he'll pick me up early... around 3pm - 4pm. owh.. forgot to introduce HE.. He-- Just call him Mr. L. 

Then after bath... Min was crying looking for me. Then I found out she got fever. The whole body burning... Awry for a while! Then.. Mr. L call. Huuhuhuh.. More AWRY!!! What should I tell him? Aiyyaaa.. Sure he thought I'm running from him.

I told him the truth, then he came. Wow.. in 5 minit. Bintulu kecik maaa... No traffic jam! hahaha....He's on his way when he call me. hehehe.. We when to Clinic Lau... Aiyok... Not open. HAiya.... Tahun Baru Cina oooo... Some more its SUNDAY!!! HOoooooOOO..... Last way out, pharmacy. He bought baby panadol syrup. Then  straight heading home. Feel so sorry to Mr. L...

haahahah.. Thanks 2 min... actually I'm not really feel comfortable with him. The longer I'm with him.. The more I miss my "DREAM"... 

Want to see my HEROINE... heheheh.. 

Happy or Sad Valentine???!!

HAPPY VALENTINE TO ALL!!!! Though I'm single now.... But I still got my daughter to cheer up my days! Heee... She's so adorable. When ever I feel wanna cry, her sweet little cute notty face can wash away all those pain. Amazing.. how a little girl can do it so well. Ermm... talking bout AMAZING, it's all God's will. Anyway, I'm happy.. happy with my daughter, my life and my "DREAMS". Heee..

Yesterday, I watched this Hindustan movie that make me cried for almost 3 hours! --> UMROU JAAN<-- Aishwariya Rai as Amiran / Umrou Jaan. This movie is about a little girl named Amiran, she's abducted and sold to brothel. Since then she's called Umrou Jaan. 
Then, she grow up as a dancer. Met a Sultan.. Young and handsome one. Heee.. They falling in love but cos of her "TITLE"... Everything fall apart. 
Then, she went back to her home town where she's born. Sad.. Cos she didn't get the chance to met her father. He died after he heard about Amiran (Umrou). But she manage to meet her mother and her brother. Once again.. She thought that she can END the dark side of her, none of her hopes goes her way. Her only family insulted her as she's a very "famous" prostitute. Well, they never know the true story. Anyway, they seem refuse to know the truth. Truth hurts!! She was only a little girl when she got abducted! She didn't simply slept with any guys. The only guy she ever slept with is Sultan Nawab the love of her life.. and she had been raped several time. Cruel isn't it?? Everybody cursing her because of her "TITLE"... Yet she still can move on with her life and her "TITLE" remain forever. 

This story telling us how important for us to prepare a defence wall for ourself. Sometime, we can't just rely on others (even our love one), some of them only can defend half way... maybe 1 in the million can stand till end. Just let people say what they wanna say, God know everything. Humans don't deserve to do the punishment. 

We all just the same, looking for something or somebody who can bring us happiness. But in the same time, try to make yourself happy. Life's not that cruel.. We created our own life, we ourself made all the decisions so nothing to hesitate and don't blame life. Try to make believe that there's always a good thing will happen. My darl told me so. Be happy always.. that's the only way you can find the ray of life. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ter Amat Lah Mengantok!!!

Yesterday.. Sampai umah kol 6pm.. Baby min alhamdulillah x de apa2. Just demam biasa, Gigi nak tumbuh lg. Haisshh.. Dah 8 biji gigi tumbuh.... 4 kali demam = 2 biji skali tumbuh. Now not sure brapa yg nak tumbuh. Gigi dah byk, tp blom gak pandai bcakap. Ok la.. blom pandai bcakap.. skang ni dia cakap sbarangn je pn dah bikin kepala pusing.

Then, sampai jer umah...






BUAT KEK!!!!!!!!

Kek Lapis Swak!! Tempahan Edisi Tahun Baru Cina. 4 biji skali siap... dr pukul 6pm -> 1.30am.... 

Will upload or create a new blog for that.

Kol 1am -> Min muntah. Sian, dah best2 tdo.... nasib dia tak nangis. That is 1 best thing about Baby Min. Tak nangis tanpa sebab. Hehehehe.. Tak macam saya dulu, sikit2 nangis. Kena jeling pun nangis. Wahahaha... Tu dulu la... Sekarang, cuba la jeling. Tengok biji mata tu kat mana... 
Lepas Min Muntah...









*masa tu dah hampir kol 4am!!!!

Kol 8am... Mak udak kejutkan my kazen, Mira. Dia x kejutkan saya, dia tau saya tdo kol 4am. hehehe... Then menggeliat.. bergoleng2... Dalam fikiran **Nak g kerja ke tak? Nak Off laa... Ambik halfday off laa.... ** uuuhhhh... Last2, bangun dengan Min yang senyum melebar pun terjun skali dari katil. 








Huhuhuhu... kat ofis.. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Sakit Jiwa... NGANTOK!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Jasa Mu Dikenang..

Selalukan dengar ayat ni? ~JASA MU DIKENANG~ Berapa ramai yang betul2 akan mengenang jasa tu? Berapa lama? Susah nak jawabkan? Dah sifat semulajadi manusia--> PELUPA, LALAI.. 
Kekadang, hanya kerana satu kesalahan kecil pun dah boleh jadi penyebab kita berselisih faham pastu bermusuh. Segala apa yang telah kita perjuangkan, korbankan untuk mempertahankan hubungan kita.. Semua tu dah takde makne nye lagi *Bak kata saiful apek!* Time tu, tak yah ungkit lagi laa pasal pengorbanan or kesabaran yang dah lepas. Dah takde yang ingat dan nampak ape yang baik kita dah buat. 

Masa tu, yang kuar dari bibir "aku dah lama bersabar" / "aku dah cukup bersabar" / "aku dah tak leh tahan" / "aku dah banyak sangat bersabar".... then last "skang aku takleh nak sabar2 dah" / "sabar aku dah terlebih batas"... huh~ apa2 yang berkaitan dgn perkataan sabar semua kuar. Betol ker sabar ni berbatas? Hmm... Rata-rata cakap "SABAR ADA BATASAN". Susah laa... Mana2 batas kesabaran yg sekangkang kera jer tu, tak yah la dirapat2. 

Kekadang rasa pelik lak kenapa sabar harus dibataskan? Huurrrmmm... Baik tak yah bersabar, memang dah tau kesabaran tu takkan berpanjangan. Ending nya tetap sama. Buat ape nak buang masa bersabar2? Pastu.. bila dah gaduh, berungkit lak pasal kesabaran masing2. Boleh ker masalah selesai dengan cara ungkit-mengungkit ni? 

Satu lagi penyakit parah kalau dah gaduh, "TAK NAK MENGALAH"! Uiisshhh.. ni boleh riuh sekampung--> ni kalau zaman dulu. Zaman sekarang--> Riuh satu facebook! Boleh lak masuk dalam facebook pun nak heret semua sekali join venture. Dengan kawan yang pelbagai ragam, ada yang cuba nak tolong, ada lak yang cuba menenangkan keadaan and tak ketinggalan juga yang nak mengapi-apikan yang dah memang "RENTUNG"! hhmm... Kene lak pasangan yang bergaduh ni tak pandai nak kawal emosi. Aduuuhhh.. Parah! Kalah budak2 gaduh.. dia orang ni lagi hebat. Ada akal fikiran, umur pun dah boleh dikatakan "mak bapak org"! Naper la nak kecoh2.. malu la! Then, kalau dah sorang buat salah... harus ker yang sorang lagi balas dengan cara yang sama? Tak ker sama jer jadi nya? Dua2 bersalah. Bila ditanya, sorang tunjuk sorang. Hahahaah.. macam tengok budak kecik gaduh kan? Haizz... Baik undur diri, nasihat pun tak diguna pakai. Otak ada pun, kalau tgh panaas.. yang kuar pun api jer. Memang takkan jumpa jalan penyelesaian.

So dipendekkan cerita "JASA MU DIKENANG" ni.. boleh dikatakan sesuatu yang susah nak diwujudkan. Time bercinta memang laa.. pahit g mana pun ku telan juga. Dah putus?! yang manis pun dikatakan racun. 
Apa2 pun, kita sebagai manusia biasa.... semua pernah buat salah. Belajar la mengaku kesalahan dan perbaiki la diri untuk hari esok yang masih ada! Perkara yang dah terjadi tu, biar la lepas. Takde apa yang boleh kita buat untuk mengubahnya. *Mana pernah dengar sejarah boleh diubah2?* Even dalam cerita "Time Machine" pun dah membuktikan--> "one never can changed the pass"! Jangan lak ade yang terpengaruh dgn cerita "Back 2 The Future" tu dongeng bermata2!! Berusaha la untuk masa depan.. kita pun bukan nya jalan undur ke belakang... K sekian, Terima Kasih!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's in My Mind...

This is the story of a girl 
Who cried a river and drowned the whole world 
And while she looks so sad in photographs 
I absolutely love her 
When she smiles

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Alive!!!!

Ok... This is for -->my frens.. tiger and pooh.. we always there for each other! *sempat berlagu la plak...* To my family --> mummy, sis and also mama (udak). My friends... Thanks for helping me to find my way and finally come out with a decision... hehehe.. took forever to make one. 

I choose to stand where I am now and keep on moving without a turning back and no regret! Am I happy wif my life now? I don't have an exact answer for that. This is my philosophy, once I've make a decision.. so prepare to live with it. Now I'm at d starting point... Which I didn't realize I've wasted so much time standing here without doing nothing!!! Now.. I'm ready to go. 
>>Every Decision Comes With Consequences<< So I'm ready to face what ever in front of me. 

To ila, bye. Tinggal la kitak sorang2 d Bintulu k? hahaha.. Where I'm going? hehehe.. Heading to the future of cos... hehehe, but not now! Sempat kamek nangga baby Mai membesar sbg Johan! 
Ingat sik apa yang kta chat mlm td? haaa.... hehehe.. hahahaha... aih.. tetak indah tek. Well, kmk rasa it's time to try something "NEW". New year tek nak? hehehehe... 
What if it's only a hope that never come true? Sometime hopes make us happy. Sometime it come wif pain. My fren, Mr. retarded heart told me that "pain" make us feel alive. I'll be fine, Min kan ada? So if I wait forever but he still don't show up then that's the risk I have to live with. At least I got a target.. It's hard to make a move when you don't know where to go. But I'm not expecting anything from him, kalau jadi... jadi la. Tinggal la ktk sorang2 d bintulu k? Kan dah ada baby Mai? hehehe.. Mesti sik sunyi walaupun sikda kmk klak. *Mcm benar2 jak bunyi nak pergi jauh* hahaha.. Amin jak la. Kata2 kan satu DOA?! haaa... Banyak2 la berkata tentang perkara yang baik! Cakap la.. baby Mai cute.. baby Mai gud gurl.. mesti nya bait klak. Jangan mcm Min! Ehhh.. Min baiiiiiit apaaa.... hahahaha *cover line*... if this just a dream, then I'll make it the sweetest one. If it never come true, then I'll make it the unforgotten. Boh cakap kmk ANGAU.. bukan Angau la!! Bangau tok! 

To erm.. Mr retarded heart, Thx a lotttttssssssssssssss for your "motivation course". I will keep everything in mind *thx cos its free.... K will be just fine with or without me. He's a very very da bz men as you know. Hhmmm... so if kmk sikda pun sikpa laa kali?! kali..? huh~ sik kan mati K ya. Sik lalu makan? eeiiiihhh sik mungkin... K sentiasa busy, free time pun tlalu lalu laa limited! K ada free time ka? Rasanya free time nya = time tido nya laa kan? Heee.. When its come to K, all I do is GRUMBLE... GRUMBLE...and GRUMBLE! Waaahhh.. baru la kmk perasan. Mesti K tension giler!! ahahahaha... dari dolok nya jak jd mangsa buli. huhuhu.. 

Okay, Conclusion! ____________ here I come!!! hahahaha.. Fill in the blank with your own word. Dah sebulan berlalu.. and its FEBRUARY 2010!!! Waaaa... I just noticed that I haven't set any resolution for this year! hahahaha... as if I've done it before. Not even once.. *patut la kmk suka main terjun jak.. terjunan arjuna* So how bout this year? Hee... apa best owh? 

1. Kurangkan menangis!!! 
2. Elakkan dari perkara2 yang akan mendatangkan tangisan!! 
3. Bina benteng kat kelopak bawah mata, So air mata tak dapat mengalir!!

heheheehe... Maksudnya, "STAY ON THE SIDE WALK, PLAY ON THE SAFE SIDE" so Min won't get hurt...  hehehe.. btol la. Budak2 mesti la kuat main!! Mok lebih berjaga2. ME?! Time will heal... dah besar panjang. Sik kan luka sikit pun nak nangis. Tahan jak laa... 
So.. is this the best for me? What ever it is.. right or wrong, let it be. Learn Not Run from the mistake. 
Berkarat la aku pastok!!!! ahaaha.. ZZZZzzzzZZZZZ... Nite, Sweet Dream!

*To ♥ is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What a life..

Huuuaaaa.... I'm so tired. Cleaning the house.. inside out! Alone lagi tuuu.... but a little "help" from baby min. Hehehe... I woke up a bit late this morning cos didn't sleep last night. Why??!! Hahaha.. shhhh.. rahsia. Now 10.40pm but still not sleepy yet. No movie to watch.... just now watched My Star LG final concert on TV3 (tu pun tengok part dah nak umum pemenang) , winner for this session is Tom. Tom what.. I don't know. hahahaha.. cos this is my 1st time I watch it. The funny part is when the host announced the winner name -> TOM! So of cos I thought the winner is a guy.. by chance, there's a guy (tp lupa namanya hafis). That's the 1st part... the 2nd part, ok.. he's a SHE. Tom..... maybe she's none muslim. Once again.. Teeeetttttttttt.. SALAH LAGI! 3rd part, cantik... muda, belum kawen ni. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt lagi!!!! Dah ada anak sorang.. wahhh. Tak de satu pun betul nih. Malas la nak main teka2 lagi. =X hahahaha... mulut tutup, tapi hati masih gak tak diam2. Just now dia tak mention langsung bout her hubby... just " anak tunggal saya "... hmmmmm???!!! Dah... Dah... tak yah nak teka2. Confirm salah lagi.

Huh~ rasa selesa sangat la. Rumah bersih kemas luas.. dari car park hingga belakang rumah.. dari kipas siling -- sliding door -- lantai semua berkilat, siap boleh jilat. ;p Baby min pun sibuk gak nak tolong. Hisshh... 
Bcos of the busyness (not business) I forgot to take my lunch. Uuu.. Strange, I'm not hungry. Tapi tak heran laa. Cos memang selalu lupa makan bila dah sibuk kerja. Kalau laa hari2 rumah ni bersih mcm ni kan best? ni tak.. haiz. No comment. Cakap banyak pun tak guna. Harapkan sorang jer nak kemas, then yang lain tu?!! Kecik besar, laki pompuan.. semua sama, takde beza! oooopppp.. dah.. dah.. Sabar fa.. sabar. Senang cerita, kalau berselerak lagi pasni... haaa.. jangan korang terkejut tong sampah besar yang kat luar rumah tu saya bawa masuk rumah. Apa2 benda yang "terkeluar" dari paksi2 nya... cari la dalam tong sampah! Dah semua masuk tong sampah, so takde lagi laa yang nak diselerak. Kwang3... Baby min, your toys in my 1st list!!! No exempt.. No mercy!

Cerita pasal baby min... pagi td, dia tolong saya jemur baju. Tolong hulur hanger and baju jer laa. Dah satu.. satu.. non-stop. Pastu kalau saya lambat ambik dari dia, kena pukul dengan hanger. huhuhu... Saya lak kena dera. So I just ambik2 semua yang dia hulur.. then gantung kat tali. uu... taknak kena pukul! Sakit la budak kecik ni pukul.. Nasib laa dia cute! Kalau tak... ada yang duduk dlm longkang karang! hahaha.... Tapi bila dikenang balik, rasa mcm cepat jer masa berlalu. 
Rasa mcm sekelip mata jer min dah besar.. dah pandai berjalan, bermain and kuat makan mcm saya. But too bad, she still don't know how to talk properly. Masih dengan bahasa "gugu gaga"nya... Ada gak yang heran and tanya saya, saya faham ker apa yang min cakap? Saya langsung tak faham.. saya just "ok" jer.. hahaha.jawapan malas! Ntah2 min pnah cakap "mama, u r so bad!" or whatever yang jahat2 pasal saya.. then saya jawab "ok".. hahahaha.. but yesterday I found out she can follow some of my words perfectly. Errmm.. For example : "come, we go" -come- she only can repeat the word come. "one more" - This she can repeat everything amazingly with the finger showed 1. 
I haven't try to ask her to count 1,2,3.. cos last time she count... only 1 and 3! missed the #2. She used to count only when she want to jump!! Haizz... sometime, she don't even count from 1... direct to 3. Mcm biasalah. No. 2 memang takde dalam list..
Then, dia suka ikut apa saja yang orang buat. She doesn't seems like paying much attention but she managed to do it well. So conclusion-> Fast learner? huhuh.. Fast, only the thing she want to learn. 
Hmm... Maybe not only her. Benda command laa kot?! Budak2.. Tp min ni, mcm susah la nak diajar. Sifat MELAWAN AND DEGIL sangat2 la terserlah! *Mama dia tengok dulu, sapa? hehehe.. Look like I have successfully pass down part of "me" to her.. just wait and see what's next. 

1st day... 15th June 2008 arrived mummy's home
Mummy said.. she look exactly like me when I was her age. Hmmm... Good thing, cos she won't remind me of anybody else. 

The latest HER.. 30th Jan 2010! Eating Machine!
Makan.. Makan.. Makan.. Berat = beras 10kg!

Soooo very NoTTy Girl!!! Tengok tangan dia.. Haisshh.. memang x leh dok diam! 
Nasib muka cute.. kalau tengah marah pun boleh sejuk balik. ahahah..

Rasa mcm magic jer.. Min tiba2 membesar... Sigh..

*I hope I won't pass down my life to you... Love you. 

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