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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Laydee_N's BFF!!

Let me introduce u to my Best Friend Forever! Mohd Faizal B. Soleh. We're friend since 2004. Same polytechnic, same course, same class but never had same opinions. LOL!
This guy is like a brother to me, very caring and loving person. He rather put his girlfriend 2nd.. Sometime he made me feel guilty for that.
Most of his time he spent on me, 7 years... Too much memories. He even accompany me check up during my pregnancy last time. Came to visit me after I delivered Min. Drive all the way from Kuching to Miri (13 hours journey) just to comfort me when my ex-husband decided to divorce. Make it short, im kinda pain in his ass. Put it that way. But he never say anything.
This year, he got this job offer from Shell in Bintulu. Been a while didnt hang out with him.. Now he's in Kuching for holidays.
All the party people in the world, lets get it started!!!! Hahahhahaha.. Just kidding. :p
To be continued...
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