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Monday, October 24, 2011

At LAST!!!!!

At last…. Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaa……
I’m out of this freaking damn company!!!!
I feel good…. Te ney ney ney … net….

This is the happiest moment in my working life with this AGENCY!!!
Free from that hypocrite B*T*H…
Now.. U can do everything your own f**k*ng way….
I’m no puppet anymore!

Time to enjoy next phase of life!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Weird, Weirder, Weird day, Weirdo....

Another night out with my sis and friends.... and new friends
Air Force Guys..

Nothing weird bout that,
But this part is....
Last night out with these air force group,

At the bar, I asked my sis
"where's AWA? his drink not finish yet leyh??"
In the car, on the way back home...
"aih.. Who send Awa just now??"
I think my sis know who’s that “AWA”
So she answered me..
Huh?? Why the sudden ask me to call awa???
“Clearly.. you’re SICK tried to forget him but YOU CANT EVEN control your own MOUTH… you called the air force guy AWA twice, I don’t if you called him darl when you’re talking to him”
I cant recall any of that…..

 That's when I started to realize...
Either I choose to stay... or Leave...
My life... still getting weirder...
Weird things Happen..
And I become a weirdo.....

I wish everyday I can tell him that im missing him
Just like the before...
What the hack going on in my head??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What should i do with this?

Flu, cough, fever, diarrhea.. Azab dahhhh ni. Dah rasa mcm nenek i laa plak. Ubat mcm2.
But still useless.. Cos, pas makan nnt pun smua kuar balik. Makan 1 kuar nye 2 kali ganda. And now im loosing weight. 4kg dlm masa 3 minggu ni. :( i hate this...
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So losssstttt...

Suddenly.. Everything rush into my head. I can't think of anything. Nothing. Blurrr.
Please.. Put me to sleep. I need some sleep. I have to sleep. Uurrrrrghhhh...
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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Dear Baby Min…
Do remember this forever..

Mummy can’t remember what’s your 1st word,
But Mummy sure remember that
You love to hug Mummy and say
“I Love You, Mom”
Then you love to kiss Mummy on the lips.

When ever Mummy cry…
You never failed to console me…
Hearing you say
“It’s ok Mom. Don’t Cry”
Then you hug and kiss Mummy…

Will it last?? 
Life might be harsh sometime... But, 
Mummy Love you forever sayang...

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