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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When You're Gone...

 I've been really super busy since my Lady Boss went to Singapore
She is supposed to come back on 16th January 2011 (last Saturday)

My Phone keep on ringing, most of them are diverted call from my Lady Boss line.
Plus our office line.. all passed to me cos most of our customers are Chinese. 
And our accountant Auntie Rebeca is now working at home,
I have to handle part of her tasks... yet I get no extra pay for that!!
So now I'm having my own Sweet Time to do some update for my BLOG..
Well, I know it's not much... But at least I got something from it.
Better than NOTHING!!
~ huh ~

Now I'm hungry.. 12.25pm
Can't go out for lunch..
My colleague Mdm. S is replacing another colleague which is MC today
Haiisshh.. Such a pain in the *** cos we don't have lunch break!!
Customers in and out, phone ringing all the time
I'm going nuts laaa like this!!

One thing I really can't stand is the account thing...
Make my head bigger and bigger like it's gonna explode
My Big Boss should transfer some of auntie salary to mine.. Yeah I think he SHOULD!!!
I don't blame auntie for this inconvenient situation
Since her brother passed away, she spend most of her time send her niece to school and tuition class
Send the sister in law to work, Bring father to hospital for eyes operation, Prepare lunch for her parents and niece
I feel sorry for her loss and all the burden that she had to bear
And pity myself... and Min too
Go home.. straight to kitchen prepare dinner then cleaning the kitchen
take bath and go to bed... zzzzzzzzZZZzzzz

Need to eat something..................!!!!
Gotta Go.. Chow.

 Laydee_N: Just because of one person gone...... the whole thing changed! :(

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