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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Customer Always Right

There is a popular saying in business, “The customer is always right.”
For years many companies have adopted the saying “The customer is always right” and I always wondering if this is really an appropriate attitude to take. 
After hours Google-ing bout this topic
I found the original meaning suggests that 
" a company’s keenness is to put the customer first. "
Now, I can say I agree.
Cos without customers, the business would seize to exist.
I concur with this philosophy as customers are the fundamentals to any business or organization.
But still for me " Customer Is Always Right " IS WRONG!
Well, No One Is Right All The Time. 
I don't state this as an employee but as a human we all make a mistake.

Why am I writing bout this today?
For your info, I'm working with a foreign worker's agency.
Deal with lots of customer with lots of MODE!
  For past 2 weeks, I have to entertain all these customer
*Normally I only handle simple cases, the rest is up to My Lady Boss to deal with THEM..
Who are THEM?
 In brief, Super Duper Fussy Customer.

Here's my story of the month...

Phone Conversation
Mdm A  : hye efa, Mdm A here. I took a maid from ur agency few months ago. U skarang masih  ada maid ka?My sister looking for 1,
Laydee_N : oo hye Mdm A, I'm sorry. We don't have any maid at the moment. 
Mdm A  : Bila ada? 
Laydee_N : belum tau bila datang... if there's any, we will call u. May I know what kind of maid that she want? Job? How many person at home? Any elderly? Kids?
Mdm A  : Young one around 20+, do housework and look after her 2 kids, 8 and 10 years old. My mom is staying with them at the moment, not permanently here laa. So, bila agak-agak mereka datang?
Laydee_N  : ooo ok. Sorry Mam, I'm sure bout the arrival. Normally, the sponsor from Indonesia only will call us after they reach the border after the passport done. 

 Mdm A : Just roughly.. tell me when is that. I'm sure you know something..

Laydee_N  : heheehe.. Mam, I'm not the boss. Actually, I'm more to Immigration things. Application, renewal and all that. I will note down ur details and we will call u when the maid arrived. ok Mam??

Mdm A  : ok. If there's any maid, please do reserve 1 for my sister. She and her husband both working, hope u can supply 1 before my mom going back to KL next month.

Laydee_N  : Mam, u need to understand we have quite a long queue for our waiting list. Look after elderly is our 1st priority. Hope u don't mind to wait or perhaps u can try to look at some other place?

Mdm A  : Please efa, we are your customer. I call you few times already... mean it is urgent laa.

Layde_N  : ok, I tell u what, I will try my best, since HL ( my Lady Boss name)is not around. I'll see what I can do for u. Is that ok?

Mdm A  : ok efa. Thanks.

End of conversation.. Few days later..

Mdm A  : Hye Efa.. why still didn't call me? What's the status?

Laydee_N  : I'm sorry.. at the moment no maid. 

Mdm A  : I tot ur colleague said there's few came in last Saturday? Why didn't call me?

Laydee_N  : I'm sorry again Mam. I told u before. I can't promise u anything, I say I will try my best. And I'm not the only staff here in-charge the arrival maid. Besides, we only received 2 maid that day and my Boss already called few customer to come. 

Mdm A  : well, at least u called us laa. we are your customer too. this is so unfair laa efa. 

Laydee_N  : I only can call when my boss asked me to. I can't just simply double cross my boss line??And if u saying I'm not fair to u, how bout the other customers? For ur info, we have 4 pages of waiting list here.

Mdm A  : ok, tell me who should I refer now? ur boss?

Laydee_N  : my boss won't receive any "request" call from customer. He will pass it to me, so I'm sorry again.

Mdm A  : So?? Mean I only can talk to u laa while HL not in?? 

Laydee_N  : No Mam, there's 3 of us here u can talk to but I can say the out come will be  the same.

Mdm A  : So what should I do now? Should I go to ur office every day? or sit in ur office the whole day waiting for the maid?

Laydee_N  : Madam.. sorry to say this, I'm sure HL herself will suggest u to go to other agent. Not much I can help.  *I wish I can tell her.... < do as u wish>

Mdm A  : ok then. Just inform me when they arrived.

Laydee_N  : ok Mam.

And days onward... Mdm A and her sister Mdm T keep on calling each and every day til today. Despite we already supply them a maid, now they arguing bout our quotation!! 

Mdm T  : Why so expensive ar? Don't u think this is to much? RM$50 for non-experience maid. I have 1 at home the salary is RM$00. I scared they talk2 and my present maid ask for RM$50 also. How? Can u consider this?

Laydee_N   : Sorry Mam. Our price none of it u can negotiate, fixed price mam. U can discuss with my boss if u wish to.

Mdm T  : Of course, he say no. right? 

Laydee_N  : Yes. Because we have lot of other customer who don't care bout our price.

Mdm T  : I know that, they can't find any maid from other agency and have no choice but u. That's why u people dare to cash in on on us.

Laydee_N  : Once again, I'm sorry I know this is to much, but it's not about the amount that u have to pay, u should think of what r u paying for. I think u still need to discuss with ur family bout our price.

Mdm T  : Can u reserve this one for me then? 

Laydee_N  : No, Mam. No reservation can be done til u agree with our price and T&C. 

Mdm T  : See...? U won't let me reserve her. How can u treat us like this? we r ur customer. 

Laydee_N  : Mam, I had to skip our URGENT LIST just for ur family. Still not good enough? or r u saying that others r not my customer? Mam, if u really can't accept this, u r welcome to go and wait from other agency which can give u a lower price. 

End of story... She decided to bring the maid home to try for 10 days. Yet she still call me, asking if there's new maid coming in. To Be Continued....

Laydee_N  : This kind of customer are bad for any kind of business.


3 Secreto D Amore:

turbinemanlog said...

this seems to be one stressfull place to work at.

~ ( LayDee_N ) ~ said...

yeah... very much! if i'm the boss.. I'll put a BIG SIGN at my door, says "NO FUSSY CUSTOMER".

kamarukom said...

wow..dat mdm T very xreti bahase la ;p

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