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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Day...

[Sigh] No matter how I try to force my self to sleep....
I still end up this way!! Wake up at 3AM!!!
Why can't I just S.T.O.P thinking of him just for.... at least 1 second

No wonder..... when you are in love
it's hard for you to sleep.. cos
finally, your dream come true..
That make sense..
Why do you need to dream on when the reality are already like heaven to you??

But that's not what happening to me...
Last time, I don't really care if he don't stay in my real world...
Cos I can still see him in my dream... Sometime, I just close my eyes
He's the ONLY person I saw..
Now.. all fading away. 
He don't even exist in my dream anymore...
I can't find him anywhere...
The only way I can see him...
Pictures of him
I just can't stop my self..
It's really tiring when you keep on chasing for something that running away from you
But I just can't help my self
My body.. every part of me.. they're like not mine anymore
None of them I can control now...
My eyes.. won't sleep even I'm sleepy
My thoughts... keep wondering around like crazy
My hand.. only write his name over and over again
My ears.. only want to listen to his voice
My heart... even it's hurt so much, it still won't stop
If I stop them.. my whole body will stop too

But things are different when I'm in office..
Well, at least I can have my NORMAL life for 9 hours in a day..
Rest of the time.... I'm L.O.S.T
I eat a lot to make me feel sleepy...
I keep my self busy entertain my Baby Min.. so I get tired and sleep
Watch movies so my brain only focus on the movies
Sound crazy...
But that happen when you're relationship start to GROWING APART...

you don't know who you are...
you don't know where you stand..
you don't know what to do...

All you do is drifting along with the UNKNOWN relationship..
I never been in this situation before
And I don't wish to fall in to it again!
It's better if we go tru for BREAK UP...
cos at least you know you're no longer somebody to him / her
you know you need go on..

Laydee_N : Please.. darl... Let me go.. or just push me away if I keep coming to you..

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