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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week days Morning Kids Program

My baby min.. never really attracted to any tv programs but lately.... hurrmm.. but kinda surprised me when she love to watch Hi-5!!! She even dance along with them.. just like this videos. *didn't get the chance to record a video. 

Ok... that is for the Hi-5 "Stop Look Listen"... Min only do "spinning" part. hehehe, if she keep on watching this program I bet she will start jumping around and won't surprised me if she can imitate the "STOP" , "LOOK", "LISTEN" part. Huh~ I can't wait to laugh to see that part. 
Baby Min : " mama tak supporting langsung." ;p

End of Hi-5!


Another #@%&* program coming up.......

Yo Gaba Gaba!!! 

Ni lagi pening... Guy in orange, that's the gabba gabba guy! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I can't help myself, sorry really can't accept this gabba gabba things.

Then I keep wondering, how kids nowadays grow up with this kind of programs?!! Didn't mean to hurt any party.. but for me this is ridiculous.
Hope Min not to obsess with any of this. I think I better start buying books for her.. to distract her of cos! Waaa... it's a scary thing if she start to act like one of those characters.

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