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Sunday, January 17, 2010

~ My Family ~

Introducing the Complicated Family.. 

Hee... My Step Father the one with spectacle named Dennis Wong Hee Chiong. Hot and cold kinda person, Big Boss of Consultant Timur cum Engineer (I.R) dunno what that stand for. :p He's nice but not that nice, just like what I've said.. "hot n cold". Nothing much to tell bout him cos I ignore him most of the time ~ he always ask me to put on some weight, too skinny, some more he called me "Pink Panther"!! He's meal.. woooo.. less of everything, so he never like my cooking. So.... Why I have to care so much bout him. Ada aku kisah??!! But he's ok sometime.. sometime = once in the thousand time.

My mum.. erm, this is the latest. New Year 2010... increased weight!! But standard la kan? How old is she oouuhh?! Di ambang 50-an rasanya. Around 48 - 49. Tak la besar sangat, belum tahap XL lagi. Bout her... go to previous post.


Ok... Here come my cute lil' sister. Hairunisa Abdullah, 24. Chubby isn't she? If she can slim down a bit, sure she look prettier than me. Tapi ok la, no challenger. hehehe.. What I like bout her.. her smile (the chin), her jokes and she's very friendly. What so funny bout her, for me is her hair cos she have "maggi" curly hair. huhuhu... Seems like everyday is her "bad hair day". She will ask me before she step out from the car "Kak, ok kah rambut aku?" as she atur2 n sikat her rambut. hehehe.. Sometime I just help her atur2 sikit so she will feel better. Sometime I just "ok la ya"... hahaha. Part malas nak jawab dah. Dia tau.. dia tak pernah satisfied with her hair. Dah.. tutup cerita pasal rambut dia. Here come the part when we are facing serious issues!!! Haaa... confirm gaduh.  Tak pernah tak.. tak gaduh besar pun at least ada la sipik2 tu.. hehehe. Unlike when we were young, we not only argue.. more than that. Sampai baju koyak pun pernah... Dah besar ni takde la dahsyat sangat. Paling tidak pun, tak bertegur sapa. But she's ok. Gaduh macam mane pun, kejap jer. When ever I need her help, she will find a way to help me out in any way and any how. Ok.. that's all bout her, tak leh puji banyak sangat. Nanti sampai ke dahi kembang macam flowerhorn. Hahahaha... 


This is my youngest brother. Mohd Nazrin Abdullah.. Ni... ntah apa2 ntah. Still trying to find his own identity.. He is attending SPM exam end of this year. Mummy bought him a lap top as he said they need it to do their assignments. But what I've seen is this... on line 24-7. Bet he can't put his head on his study. But it's not what I want.. Hope he'll doing well and get his a** to any university he want to. I hope he will always remember all the hard time we've been through before. Kakak Onie :" Always be humble". You'll understand what I mean.. Just keep your body texture straight!! hahahaha... I mean, grow up as a tough guy!

Meet the ultraman die hard fan!!! My Step brother ~ James Wong Teck Hock, 4 years old. speak eloquently, you won't believe that he's 4 years old. English... wow, superb! Other languages... hahahaha. No Comment. Just like his father.. "Sila Tanya" = " Tumpang Tanya"... hahaha... He was trying to ask for direction, but.... kahkahkah... 

This is the closer look.. so handsome. Tapi manja!! huh~

Can you see the dinosaur? Green dinosaur.. he's hugging it. He can't sleep without the dinosaur.. seriously. He ever left it behind during our vacation to Miri last x'mas. Luckily he's in good mood. We were half way to Miri , I thought we're going to back to Bintulu for his dinosaur. But we did not. I dun remember what mummy said to persuade him... :p This pic was taken on the day they arrived Sabah. 


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