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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nothing is better than Something and Everything

This guy always say that he have NOTHING, why i'm so in love with H.I.M?
I really wish H.I.M had NOTHING so NOTHING come between us. NOTHING can stop our relationship. At least i can be somebody to H.I.M, 1 who will stay by his side taking care of H.I.M, comfort H.I.M, love H.I.M like no 1 can do. Sound selfish right?
People always say i have everything, i can get anything i want.. But the truth is that EVERYTHING is NOTHING.
This remind me of few guys out there. They want to know what kind of guy that i like. Im still wondering. "LIKE" is not the word. Its who i "WANT" to spend all my life with.
If "LIKE", obviously i like a good looking guy, taller than me and so on. Hehehehe...
If "WANT", 1st he can accept My Little Princess ( not because of she's adorable) ;p. 2nd ->Orphan, so he's a very independant guy. Ok, thats all for now. But sorry, the vacancy not ready to be open yet. Hehehehe... But u can fill in the form 1st. Perhaps i'll consider it when im ready.
Why am i so in love with this guy? I'll tell u in my next entry.

Laydee_n : Can i just say "I DO" to somebody else while im in love with another guy? Is that a sin?
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