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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Laydee_N's Dream Zone Falling Apart

When you feel like everything gone wrong
And you don't know what to do..
Don't know which way to go..
Don't know what to believe...
And there's no body want to listen to you...
What would you do?

When there's somebody willing to do anything for you..
and you won't let them
But you can't find a right word to tell them so..
Would you just walk away without a word?

How I wish I was invisible right now
So I won't hurt anybody..
Cos I'll get hurt too...
Even More... :(

GUILTY.. is an inevitable feeling.
this feeling sometime can discourage us...
And that is when you start to feel like everything gone WRONG!

What make it even worst...
When you want to share it with somebody...
But that somebody refuse to know bout it..
It's really sad.. very.. very SAD.
At the end.. there's only ME... crying ALONE.
Would it be ok if I just go on.. ALONE?

Laydee_N : Darl.. :(

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