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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cell phones as dangerous as drunk driving!!!

2.35pm... I just arrived office.
Went out for lunch just now
Suppose to be in before 1.30pm!!!! Ngeeeeeeeeeeee..... ~(#,#)~ I'm Dead Meat!!
Client dah call ntah brapa kali

Actually, I'm late because of this @#%^&* guy..
Talking on the phone while driving..
And with his "P" sticker on his CAR!!!
Stop at the middle of the junction.. Can not manage to drive properly!!
Line Clear pun Tak leh nak kuar gak ker??!!
Rasa Nak JERIT JER!!! Hoiiiii...
"Dah la driving dengan lesen "P"... Pastu on fon lak!!!"
He's very lucky I'm not driving a BIG FOOT!!!
Nak bergayut pun.. Berhenti tepi la dulu!!!!!!
Tengah trafik jam
Nasib Min takde dalam keta..
kalau tak.. aiyak! kan dah ternganga budak tu dengar saya mencarut-carut!
heeee... But usually I won't go and curse anybody infront of my daughter.
She's a fast learner... Most of her age can catch up very fast one. 
So be careful... they are like a mirror reflection. heee..
Sure we don't want our "reflection" to be seen in front of others.. Right?

Ok.. thats all for today.
My advise...
Please... No hand phone for "PRE-MATURE" drivers!!
For PRO.. like me, it's ok. hahahhaha...
naaa... What I mean is,
If you think you can manage to drive safely and SMART!!
Then I don't think its a big problem to others...
How you feel if you are in their situation?
So think of others..

 "Just like you put yourself and other people at risk when you drive drunk, you put yourself and others at risk when you use a cell phone and drive," writes David Strayer, a psychology professor and the study's lead author. "The level of impairment is very similar."

Laydee_N : 1st time tulis entry dalam keadaan panas baran. heeee... but now ok daa .... SIKIT! huuuuuh... Tarik nafas~~~~~ and .... hmmmmm....  

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