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Saturday, May 29, 2010

All about Happiness..

Waahhh... Been a while no update!!
Morning to all my viewers... Miss me?
heee.. ;p I miss u all.
It was a BUSY week.. and CRAZY also. :(

Being a RUNNER sometime NO FUN at all..
What to do... No job is always ENJOY one. heeee..
But I do love my job cos I meet a lot of people...
I can learn lot of thing AND my most fav PART is.. the "KANTAU"
I'll tell U more bout the Kantau next entry
But as u know, dealing with people sometime also can make u very up sad. :(
Need to be more patience and PLASTIC too.. hahahha..

Since I'm not so happy... So I'll make an essay bout it. heee...
Everybody say "Money Can't Buy Happiness"
It's PAYDAY.. hahahha..
So does anybody know where to buy one?

" Loyalty Can Buy Happiness "
Found this in facebook few days ago..
Part of me agreed but another part...
Depend on the situation
Money may can not buy Happiness....
But it can buy loyalty.
Actually, nowadays nothing money can't buy.
People seems like desperately need money

I'm wondering if I'll be one of those people... :(
It's really a SAD ending if I AM... 
Cos I still believe in LOVE.

What with these pictures??

"Happiness just like a KISS. We must Share It to Enjoy It"
Do Not Try This in Public!!!!
With ur Kids.. its ok. hehehe.

Laydee_N : Wealth give us NOTHING but WORRIED OF LOOSING IT!

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