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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holiday Villa 1ST EPISODE

Baby Min's Fav Port

Baby Min's Fav Routine

My Bro's Fav Pose... ;p
See d green DINOSAUR? He can't sleep without it...
Mummy... can we go now?
Mummy only stay for 3 day.. Now she's in Kuching.

Laydee_N : consider this is the 1st episode of Holiday Villa.. I'm staying here for couple of weeks... maybe. Boring... cos no body except for my granny. :( But..... PEACE OF MIND cos it's a place I call HOME not TONGKANG PECAH! 

5 Secreto D Amore:

POSH76 said...

bessnyer ada pool leh mandi manda hehe

qasih nadira said...

budak2 mesti ade bntal bucuk or anak patung tmpat dia nak kepit2.kalo x,mmg x jd tido~he3~qasih dlu pon ade gak.he3~skrg dah x de la~dah beso~he~

i L a said...

will visit u once im done will all my house chores..probably lasted for the whole day..tangga lah esok..hehehe..

Ija1202 said...

seronoknya mereka bermandi manda yer... :)

pak long said...

fuhhh..memang nampak seronok...appy selalu

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