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Friday, August 19, 2011

You are about to witness...

To all my blog's readers... 
Remember Today of my life..
I am about to loss my job, my love, part of my strength and soul
Why? What happen...?

Started from my OLD Crazy PsyCho Boss...
He has been such an annoying and irritating OLD MAN to me since the first day I work in this company... 
In his eyes... I am a pathetic desperate widow who need his money.
I might seems easy to approached.... but in this case, I am the most heartless woman he ever met.
Yea.. Pity him, how he tried so hard to win my heart.
How to give if I don't even have it with me??
Somebody took it and never return it back!
Nothing I can do.... Even he return it, it wont be in a piece. 
Who want a broken one??? 
Silly old man..... 

He cut off my pay.. Boycotted me.. inciting my mom, got me kicked out from the house.. no transport for me --> hoping that I will beg him for MERCY?? 
huh... wake up laaa OLD MAN, it's 21st century!!!
No women will plead you!! 
Especially ME!!
Do what ever you want to.. Pleased yourself. 
Get the #$%@ out of my life laaa....

Unbelievable... I got myself in kind of mess!!!
Believe it or not... this is the true story of the year.

But I'm fine....
 Now you watching me lying on the ground..
But not for long...

Open your eyes wide.. don't even blink a second
you might missed a move..
I will grow stronger.... 

And shoot you straight on your brainless head...

Layde_N : My darl wish me LUCK when i told him i move to a new place.... as if he know. No, he know nothing... Just a JACKPOT wish. :p

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