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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Born To Be Laydee_N

What kind of person that u see in above photos?
One of our agency's client came yesterday, this client is quite rich but i can say no one can tell he's a rich person. The "front cover", people would think he's a good looking "apek". I went to his place once, its really a place we can call dream land. He's a nice person but a lil' bit chicky. If it wasn't because of my job, only God knows what i wanna do. Hmmm.. Good thing, he's not a chicky idiotic kind a man like my big boss. Well actually, he just asking whether i like to hang out with him for lunch. I told him, "no thank u. I hope u can respect me although im younger than u. Hope u understand." since then he never ask me anymore, thats a big relief.
Actually this particular client told me something yesterday, something bout me, myself.. I never really put much thought on it. Me and this Mr. J know each other almost a year, he came to office occasionally but very well aware of my current 'image'. Hahaha..
So he saw i bought a Galaxy Tab, my hair coloured, fashion a bit upgraded and i was impressed when he can even tell that i went to facial recently. So here's the things he told me..
"ur not so bad, improved a lot, the way u handle things very systematic.. Unlike 1st time i came. I can tell what kind of person u r from d way u dress, things u own, people around u and d way u take care of urself."
At 1st it was a bit awkward for me to have this kind of conversation with a client, in office and some more in front of my colleagues. But then, what ever laaa. Its good get to know d unknown side of urself sometime.
So i asked him, " not so bad? Means i was bad before? "
and he answered : " no. I mean u r bad at some part, but there's a good part of u that can cover up d other part. Not everybody can handle mistakes, problems. Most of us will either try to avoid creating 1 or just walk away from it. But for u, u r not strong. U just pretend to be strong in a way to protect urself perhaps. Im not sure. Ur smile ur laugh, some people can see tru it. It was fake. But its d only way to make u stop crying. Its better for u to cry sometime. Cry it all out, doesnt matter it will take years for to dry it out. Ur torturing urself, thats d bad part of u. But u doing it for u to survive thats d good part. Try to think of something else"
he said that cos i spent a lot of money lately, obviously "yes". My closet.. FULLY OCCUPIED WITH NEW DRESS. Handphone? 3 set by now. Heels? Lost count. Then went to the most expensive skincare centre for facial.. Beauty Angel. Actually there is a lot of cheaper treatment out there, comes out with d same result i guess.
Its all started early this year.. Everytime i shop, i feel better. Then after a while, back to depress mode again. Then i shop again, buy what ever make me happy. Yea, now come to think of it, i am torturing myself. I almost become a shopaholic or i am 1 of them? Hmmm..

Laydee_N : I bought a ticket to paris next year... ~sigh.. Luckily i was not born to be a korean celebrity. Or else, i will end up like 'jun sang'.
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