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Monday, February 7, 2011

We miss u daddy...

Hehehe... Im over excited, yeaa... Sure u all noticed it too. How nice if i can go for blog walking like this.. *lying on my bad.. * no need to go tru so many trouble such as wake up, sit on d chair, take out the laptop from the bag, on the laptop, wait for the loading.. Some people just don't have those strainght to do so, some people like me could fall asleep.
Hehehe I always dream to update my blog before i go to bed. Now i can just do it anytime i want!!
Bout blog walking I think i have no choice but to online tru my pc. Well, at least i save some time to update n give more space for blogwalking. For your info, normally I'll took few hours for me to write an entry. I think i got distracted by other things such as Facebook, Google, YM, SKYPE and so on.. So on.. Heee... But now, took me less than 15 min to come out with this 1. Plus a picture of me and my girl..... What a improvement, right?! Hahahah... Get in the basket carry it myself. :p

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ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

update la selalu hihi....

pak long said...

cantiknyer pic tu

~ ( LayDee_N ) ~ said...

ish.. ish... pak long. mana mhilang? hahaha.. *(kata org lak yg hilang.. sendiri yg lama tak muncul)
Anyway, thank you.

Bie... dah berazam dah nak update slalu. tapi masih gak terkandas dlm kesibukan harian. huhuhu... :(

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