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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shop... Shop.. Til U Drop!

Yeay... I'm Smiling!! But I'm still mad bout yesterday. :p
But...... the rain outside spoiled my mood...
Thought wanna go shopping.... waaaaaaaaa... ( ! _ ! )
It's raining outside.. so what??
hahahhaha... outside only baa.... Not INSIDE laa hooo??!
Crazy Mad lady laa u...

So... the shopping MODE is still ON! Yeay....
What to shop??? Haaaa....
I don't have anything on my list now except for CHEONGSAM!
Baby Min already got one... My mom bought it from Singapore.
I'm gonna take a lot of pictures with the new CHEONGSAM!!!

Thats all for now.. see ya later.

That's Laydee_N with her CHEONGSAM wishing you all
Happy Chinese New Year

Laydee_N : Too Bad that CHEONGSAM (in the picture) Not On SALE!

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