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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Since when I care??

People keep on talking and looking at me..
Nothing I can do to shut their mouth
To block their eyes..
Why should I??

Since I'm going no where...
So what should I do?
Do what ever I want to laaa...
Why can't u give me space to breath
It's not like I'm bothering ur life..
So suck it up...

This is what happen to most of our neighbourhood... 
Too much free time, nothing to do...
So they look for something to make them "BUSY BODY"...

Go look after ur own life laa..
there's a lot of things u haven't discover

But... I'm ok anyway.. hehehhe
its a credit for me
Feels like I'm the celebrity... 
thank you... thank you
for the attentions...

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