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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Love Day 2012!!!

Hey... happy 2012 guys...
guys only ka??
Ladies and gentlemen...
I give you my 2012 looks

  From this
Lost few KGs in 2 weeks...

Can't remember when is my last post...
Miss me??

Hows ur Valentine Day??
Mine.. Nothing significant.
No date even I have a boyfriend
More like dunno dun care...
 What happen to me??
Still wondering...
Am I still have the have the human feeling?
Now I understand how love can hurt somebody so much...
Got everything damaged!!
and the last thing u feel is

I find it stupid to try to love somebody else..
when I can't forget someone I still love..
and still deeply in love with H.I.M
I used to advise my frens to let go something that doesn't want to stay..
Now... it comes to me.
hunting me down...
Like I am so down right now!!

What I'm doing now??
Just effing my life, I guess
I'm a single mom, trying to make things better for my lil' princess
A single lady, enjoying my life.

Work hard.. earn a lot of money.. and go to UK..
Stay with H.I.M spend the rest of my life
** ok thats just a crazy tot.. when I'm cracked!!**

What with this

 hahahha... guys, beware!!!
She'll HUNT u and KILL u!!

Laydee_N  :  Single doesn't mean they are available.... 

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